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Single Parent Dating Tips

So you are single, you are a parent and you want a date. Anyone who is single with a kid knows that this isn’t as simple as it sounds. If you have been in the dating circuit for some time now I would suggest that you start to think outside of the box.

That means lower you standards, right? Wrong! Thinking outside the box means stop fantasizing about the guy at work who drives a Mustang covertable, works out 5 times a week and is totally into himself. Hey, even if he got into you there’s no room for your kid in that 2 seater sports car. Stop hovering over the chick who hangs out with your sister who is gorgeous and only dates ballers, who has been in enough breakups to run a WORLWIDE marathon and makes that frowning face when she sees small infants drool. Yea chances are, your pockets aren’t that deep and your kid breaking something in her home may be grounds for a civil suit.

Im sure you know at least one person who doesn’t date people with kids. My biggest piece of advice for single parents who are dating is to begin to look for other single parents who are looking to date too. Dating another single parent is the easiest way to meet a mate who not only has understanding about what it takes to be a parent, but a group of people who have heard those classic lines before “I dont date people with kids”. They can relate to the last minute cancellations and issues that come up when kids are a part of the dating equation. In the words of my son’s favorite cartoon “Try it, you may like it”.


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