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Describe your ideal Saturday night.

My Saturday nights have been pretty low key for quite some time, I must admit. But, there is one thing that does keep me entertained, even if for a limited amount of time.

Now its pretty strange and a little bad, but hey its something I have come to enjoy so try to just accept me for who I am. But, I have gotten into the fashion of looking at personal ads on craigslist for fun! Yes, yes I know its weird, but it definitely is extremely entertaining.

Looking from ad to ad of people who refuse to send pictures of themselves, but wont answer an email without ___ amount of pictures. (Enter a randomn number) Or the guys who are so frustrated at not being able to find a date, but wont date a women with 3 kids, only 2? Anyone with kids knows, once you have 2 kids that extra 1 is really not going to make or break ya. Or even better, the guy who is a serial craigslist poster! He posts about 6 ads a day with different taglines and you have to wonder to yourself, really? Is it really that bad out here?

I must admit, I am QUITE entertained by the ads that I read on Craigslist. It could be because it is an absolute free form of entertainment. That helps. OR, it could be the amount of variety that exists from one poster to another! However, thanks to me, there is a better way for parents with kids to find that special someone. Check out the single parent websites! Dont be like me, sitting at home reading CL ads, get out, meet someone new and enjoy life! Love ya!





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