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That Gotdamned Santa!!!

I don’t really remember dealing with many Santa related issues where my oldest was concerned. Yeah, she watched the movies, sang the songs and heard the stories, but it was never that serious to her. She just wasn’t really into that dude. It could be because she was born on Christmas and somehow born with this innate knowledge that he didn’t exist, I don’t know. But, it saved me from that ‘special conversation’ nonetheless.
I was listening to the Steve Harvey radio show yesterday morning and a caller was asking his home depot guy for help with making her Christmas lights spectacular. She noted that her daughter believes that Santa will miss their house if their house is not appropriately lighted. Steve Harvey went off on this lady on to ask how old her daughter was, to which she replied “Ten”.
At this point, his entire listening audience was thinking the same thing: You need to break it to the delusional, overgrown fifth grader that this dude is just as real as the hogwarts school we see on Harry Potter.
While my first child didn’t stress me about toys and Santa, this second kid is WORKING me. He has recently started a new school which I am sure has launched a campaign to bring me financial hardship. My sweet four year old has started coming home every day and starts a daily conversation about how many toys he expects Santa to bring him. And it has gotten out of control!!!

If I DARE to gently tell him that Christmas is about family and love and not toys and Santa, my little sweet baby cutest four year old turns into a baby exorcist! Literally! Puke flies out of his mouth and his head spins uncontrollably!  It is unseen of!

I don’t know why they (The Man) thought this was ok, introducing the young and innocent to this plus size hippie man, who doesn’t believe in touching up that beard or getting a haircut, period, with blushed out cheeks and imaginary venison breaking into the homes of innocent hardworking parents all over the world. Its a crime against humanity!

For now, I’m not exactly sure what to do with my son. Should I wait until someone else tells him? Like a peer? Or do I have a sit down with him and just bring out the truth. I mean, c’mon what age is too early to be hipped to REALITY. Right?
That Gotdamned Santa, I swear……


3 responses to “That Gotdamned Santa!!!

  1. Oooh, tough question! You’re damned if you tell him (you’ll be the bad guy), and you’re damned if you don’t (he’ll keep acting like he’s acting). Since that is the case, I think you should go for what would make you feel better. There is something about letting kids think this stranger is responsible for all their presents on Christmas when hard-working mom and/or dad is the one who scrimps and saves to give their child something special. We wanted our kids to know that presents from us were a token of our love for them. Why should Santa get all the credit when he and your child don’t have any kind of relationship? Anyway, good luck. Would love to know what you decide.

    • Thanks for your comment! Trust me, I will be sure to give updates as this whole LIE unfolds. Lol. I may end up an old woman in a diaper, as my child will probably leave me in a nursing home as a result, but at least I will wear it with pride knowing that I stood for the fall of Santa!! Lol.

  2. Eklctc

    I would find a way to inform the young ones that Santa is more of a spirit that resides within everyone instead of a physical being. That is how I raised my children. My son, who is now 18, adapted well and understood, along with Santa, why we embraced very little of the mindset and festivities surrounding traditional holidays. My daughter, who is 12 this month, is still in the midst of it since she resides with her Dad’s family who are very traditional and embrace all things traditional. You should also brush up on the history of how the image we have come to know as Santa came about because they will probably ask.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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