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Who Brings out the Best in You?

One of the most unique questions I’ve thought about in a while.

Well, my first mind would challenge me to think about what the ‘best’ me actually is. The best me is the me that is comfortable in her own skin. The me that is okay with being the naturally loud person I am. The me that is all accepting of everyone around me. The me that is comfortable saying how I feel. She’s the me that I hate to suppress because strangers are around and she needs to be the professional me. She’s the me that likes to meet and talk to new people. While I am outgoing and sociable, I have often been very snide and apathetic. Its weird.  I can cut people off, very easily and quickly, I am not a romantic, but a realist and I don’t believe in feelings. I don’t give hugs and I don’t clean unless I feel like it.

So, the question is…. Who Brings out the Best in Me?

It certainly isn’t my mother. Lol. Or my children. Or significant other.

Bringing out the best in a person is sooooo different from being a good friend. Right? A good friend listens to you when you are down and out, the person who brings out the best in you affects you so that you can get back up and running. A good friend allows you to be you. The person who brings out the best in you encourages you to be a better you. Its different!

The person who brings out the best in me is someone who, before answering this question, I didn’t give much thought to the impact they had on me.

The award goes to…..(drum roll please)…. Tramela Cummings (no homo). She is always challenging some theory, notion or institution. Never lives her life IN the box, always outside the box. An advocate of all things midwife, childbirth, healing, love, peace, world, grass, LIFE! She’s the person that you want to talk with before you embark on a spiritual journey through some cave in India, she makes those types of things seem absolutely normal. But aside from her quirkiness, her being different and her outside the box beliefs, Tramela is friend that Ive had since college who, for some STRANGE, WEIRD reason, always brings out the best in me.

Like I stated earlier, I don’t believe in feelings. Even that picture of those two teddies hugging makes me want to scream ‘so gay’. But when she went through a bad breakup and cried at my apartment for a week, I found myself empathizing! Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t empathize or sympathize well– if ever. She never judges others or gossips about people and when we talk I find myself accepting others a little better because of her ‘tramela rationalizations’. She recently came to town and I cleaned my daughter’s filthy room so she could sleep in there. Once again, these are things that I don’t jump to do until I am good and ready. (Don’t judge me). I cleaned the room so well, that my significant other was JEALOUS! The next day he asked me how come he couldn’t get that type of treatment. Lol. She’s a good friend, yeah. She has always encouraged me in my endeavors. Has always listened to my rants. And has ALWAYS ALWAYS challenged me to think outside the box…. to increase my consciousness.

But, being a good friend is different from bringing out the best in people around you.

She, appropriately, has re-named herself ‘Sunshine’ and in our friendship she is definitely a beacon of light.

Who Brings out the Best In You?


2 responses to “Who Brings out the Best in You?

  1. Eklctc

    That’s wonderful and your statement is so true. A good friend is (or can be) different from the person that brings out the best in you.
    Not to sound self absorbed but I am the one who brings out the best in me. I have good friends but none that are as diverse and open-minded as I am. I am the one living outside of the box and exposing them to experiences and topics their predominately traditional minds have never seriously considered on any level. I show them how great life can be when unconstrained. So…I am my own devil’s advocate (yes, I carry on full conversations with self and bully myself a bit at times too when necessary) and I encourage myself to move past all of the things floating around in my head that would hinder me from taking that chance.
    I hope to one day meet someone who can take on that role in my life so that I can limit my self on self conversations. ha! Until then, I’ll continue to be the light.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I love it! I wish I could be the one to make myself better. I struggle in so many ways its ridiculous. But it is always good to have the non-judgemental, open mind to help you to continue to just be YOU!

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